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Yes, exactly!
The outlook is exactly like the Rock Solid RTS 2

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來自: 那星
G2 Lover 寫:
I am wondering why most people don't consider EOS Full frame.
Is it because the CMOS got no improvement?
It is quite sucessful for SONY; back a decade ago; when DSLR is common; no one will ever consider Minolta nor SONY but go CANON, CANON.
Now; people try to avoid Canon.......
My preference if Fuji got FF.
Fujifilm then NEX then Canon.
Suppose that FUJI can take Contax.

I love Fuji more but too bad that it will not have the FF in the nearest future.

Before, I was using Canon 40D and then 5D2 with my C/Y lenses. Personally, I don't accept EVF and perhaps I have used Leica before and I love its OVF. However, as I am getting old (no kidding), I finally surrendered by selling my 5D2 and going to get an A7. The main reason is not in terms of quality consideration.

It is only because I found that with the 5D2 (or other DSLR), I always opened to the largest aperture to focus and then stopped down right before I took the picture. For steady subjects, it was still okay. However, it has been such a pain to take photos of my little boy. With an EVF, this is no more problem. I can stop down the lens and the EVF will compensate the brightness. :P

Of course, if the EVF can be improved such as the coming Fuji XT1, it will be great. However, it will become a moeny matter consideration. :twisted:

Please visit my photo gallery and your comments are always welcome!
I will add photos to it from time to time. Thank you!

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