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To forum members,

We have recently received a letter from Solicitors, which refers to a thread under "吹水區" section to be defamatory to a body-slimming beauty centre.

After reviewing the content of the thread, the committee views the comments made as personal opinions shared by individual forum members. The committee holds no liability of any comment made. Nonetheless, with the spirit of freedom of speech, the committee cannot hold against any individual member based on a letter without any supporting ground.

In the case whenever the name of aforesaid was being mentioned, it would be treated as a mention of truth (of a forum member's personal experience) with justification (under Cap 21 Defamation Ordinance s.26), or a fair comment being made (under Cap 21 Defamation Ordinance s.27).

To strike a balance between the right on freedom of speech of our forum members and the goodwill of the aforesaid company, the committee decided the thread would be temporarily removed from public access for 14 days (since September 30, 2009).

We shall report any update on this matter to our forum members. We also believe that in case of any further development this would certainly stimulate interest among local news media.

Hong Kong Internet Contax Club


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發表新文章 這個主題已被鎖定,您不能編輯或回覆這個主題。  [ 1 篇文章 ] 

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